“Why Does He Treat Me This Way?” 5 Signs That You Are Encouraging A Toxic Partner

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March 13, 2019 13:00 By Fabiosa

Many women tend to complain about their partners who don’t understand them, show signs of affection, or help around the house. However, as you know, others treat us how we allow them to.

Often, we encourage the behavior of our second half ourselves. How can your inaction ruin a relationship?

5 signs that you are encouraging a toxic partner

1. You put his needs and desires above yours

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A serious relationship is rarely possible without compromise, but it must be a two-way street. By constantly sacrificing your interests for the sake of your partner, you stop developing and show him that what you want isn’t important.

2. You refuse gifts

If you are ready to go without a birthday present in order to buy a jacket for your child or a new vacuum cleaner, don’t be surprised when you stop getting any signs of affection from your husband. This is because gifts are a major way of showing care and love.

3. You try to avoid conflicts

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Some of us find it easier to swallow one’s pride and ask for forgiveness than to talk about a problem. This way, you take away your partner's responsibility for everything that happens. Don’t treat conflicts as threats. They are a way to improve your relationship.

4. You justify his bad actions

Many women tend to find an explanation for their spouse’s disgraceful behavior. However, no bad mood or problems at work give him the right to humiliate you or vent at you. Tell your partner that this is unacceptable.

5. You are afraid of showing your feelings

Instead of expressing our dissatisfaction, we often hold a grudge and silence the problem. Well, you must know that this strategy won’t solve the problem. Don’t suppress your anger or other feelings. Try to explain to your partner what exactly it was that upset you.

We all sometimes let our loved ones walk all over us, even if we know it’s wrong. And what behaviors would you add to this list? Tell us about it in the comments!

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