Woman Has Been Adopting Deceased Babies For Years Only To Give Them A Proper Send-Off

May 17, 2019 13:53

Even in economically developed countries, there are people less fortunate than others – with insufficient income, lack of housing, etc. For them, a family with kids becomes a luxury they can’t afford. What can we say about less developed states where the majority of people live in poverty?

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In such cases, parents give away their babies to be supported by government. Poor financing and lack of the necessary infrastructure in suburban areas, in particular, are among the reasons for many infant deaths. In countries like that, there is a higher percentage of stillborns, and some people can’t even afford a proper funeral for the baby.

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This problem is very relevant in Chile, but they have their national hero and a worthy example to follow. Bernarda Gallardo was born in 1959 and has a degree in sociology. Having given birth at 16 and raised her daughter on her own, Bernarda felt for women in a similar situation who didn’t have the support of family or friends.

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Bernarda got married at 40 when she met a true gentleman. Since she couldn’t have children anymore, the couple agreed to adoption. It was during the process of legal paperwork that she learned of an ill-fated baby, who was no longer alive, and decided to try get permission to give him a proper funeral: the infant’s body was unclaimed. 

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Then, in 2003, Bernarda had to overcome many difficulties in order to find a way to arrange befitting funerals for deceased babies at her own expense. The only legal way to do it was adoption, which she immediately agreed to. The first baby to rest in peace thanks to Gallardo was a little girl: the woman named her Aurora.

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In the following years, Bernarda adopted 3 more to bury: Manuel, Victor, and Cristobal. Together with her husband, she paid regular visits to the graves and kept raising awareness about the options of adoption.

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This case is not an isolated example of human kindness. In 1989, Libyan-born American Mohamed Bzeek started to help children who needed it desperately.

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Mohamed and his wife have raised about 80 children they treated as their own. Since 1995, they have been taking care of terminally ill boys and girls, most of which were rejected by their own parents. The couple made sure each received everything they needed and felt a part of a loving family. Many of them passed away in Mohamed’s or his wife’s arms, but they were devoted to each until their last breath.

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When biological parents can’t or won’t take care of their own children, there are those who are ready to dedicate their lives to doing it. Not for money or fame, but only because they realize that every life is precious. Worthy of admiration, isn’t it?