Young Man Has Been Taking Care Of His Paralyzed Mother Since He Was 8. For Over A Decade Already!

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March 11, 2019 16:58 By Fabiosa

One billion people in the world, or about 15% of the world's population, are suffering from some form of disability. Often, these people face social and economic restrictions, which leave them with poorer education, insufficient income, and disadvantages in finding a job.

However, what’s essential for disabled people is the love of their closest ones. An excellent example of this is shown by Vlad Kudryashov from the Perm Krai, Russia – he has taken care of his paralyzed mother on his own since he was 8 years old.

Vesti Perm ONLINE / YouTube

After his mother got in an accident, she returned home from the hospital with her right side paralyzed and unable to speak. Vlad was going to be taken in an orphanage, but his neighbor took custody of him so that he could stay with his mother. It was a blessing!

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Vesti Perm ONLINE / YouTube

The boy learned to fire up a stove, to cook, wash, and clean up by repeating what his mom showed him with signs and her left hand. Vlad had to do all the housework himself, getting occasional help from his neighbors and mother's acquaintances.

Vesti Perm ONLINE / YouTube

At the same time, the young man continues studying at school and kettlebell lifting. He has a girlfriend Nastya. And above all is the atmosphere in the house, the great son’s love for his mother.

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Vesti Perm ONLINE / YouTube

After Vlad's story was aired on TV, the local authorities gifted him an apartment on the first floor. They were overwhelmed with joy!

Now he and his mother are getting used to their new home. After graduation, Vlad entered a local college to become a welder. And as before, he takes care of his mother and always hurries home.

Care for people with disabilities has its own particularities:

  • be attentive and respectful to their needs;
  • correctly ask if a certain service or assistance is needed;
  • adjust the place for the needs of a person with a disability;
  • financial expenses for drugs and equipment;
  • socialization and communication with the outside world.

Vlad is an example of a real man who loves his family and doesn’t give up in the face of difficulties.

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