21-Year-Old Mother Left Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Home Alone For Three Days. Why Does This Still Happen?

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March 14, 2019 15:07 By Fabiosa

We always expect that every woman who gives birth to a child must immediately develop a maternal instinct. Mothers take care of their children, try to protect them from danger, and warn others to be vigilant, relying on their own experience. A lot of things in this world pose a potential threat to a baby: washing machines, window blinds, and even hair. However, the worst thing is not even tangible – it is neglect.

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3-year-old Christie has been recently found lifeless in her own apartment. Presumably, the child died of dehydration, although there was no official confirmation of this version. Her mother, 21-year-old Maria went for three days to her friend and left her daughter at home without food and water, leaving all the taps turned off.

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They said that the mother and the daughter lived on their own after the grandmother had moved out. The body of the poor girl was detected on her birthday by the granny herself. The mother was never seen in an inappropriate condition. However, she was often reported to leave the girl alone. She is currently arrested and charged with murder with extreme cruelty.

Local residents still can’t fathom the tragedy, according to RT. Even those who didn’t know the family came to pay tribute to the deceased child.

The child was always neatly dressed. This family didn’t cause any suspicions.

She was a completely normal girl. She always looked nice, and we didn't see her drunk.

We never saw her at the playgrounds and didn’t even know there is a child in the apartment.

The unfortunate mother created herself a perfect image in social networks. She published photos with the baby and wrote about her love for the girl. It isn’t surprising that after the incident, comments on her posts took a 180-degree turn.

It is a pity that you were born to this mother and not to another loving family! Many people pray for such a charming baby like you.

I still can’t understand how the "mother" could do this.

Have you already known that would you kill the poor girl when you hugged her?

Sheer narcissism.

What was this little girl experiencing when she waited for her wretched "mother." I can imagine how she had abused her daughter before that.

The most concerned people even created a petition where they demanded the most severe punishment for the mother.

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Even though the family seemed quite well-off, it still happens quite often. Lovely parents turn into tyrants behind the closed doors, abusing their children. They are neglected, injured, starving, and live in constant fear of physical and emotional abuse.

Child abuse isn’t only the concern of the family involved. If you suspect any form of child abuse, don’t stand aside: perhaps you are the only chance for salvation.

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Be sure to contact the child care services, police, medical staff. If possible, try to limit the contact of the child with the potential offender or at least not to leave him or her alone.

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Child abuse is unacceptable in all its manifestations. Don’t be indifferent to avoid incidents similar to that of poor Christie. Stay alert!

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