25-Year-Old Mother Of 5 Left Alone After Her Husband Passed Away. How Did She Manage To Stay Afloat?

May 20, 2019 16:35

Women may are left lonely for many reasons. It sounds quite horrible, but gets even more terrifying when they have young children to take care of. We have already talked about a young Australian who was left penniless during the last weeks of pregnancy. Another husband ran away from his wife because their daughter was born with a rare genetic disease. Unfortunately, sometimes, we are completely helpless in such situations.

In 2014, Parvina Saidova learned how unpredictable life can be when she was just 25. Her husband passed away, leaving her with five children. The youngest one was just about a year old. Parvina got married early, received an education, and didn’t happen to work in her field. Her husband provided the family with everything necessary, so she was literally left with nothing.

At first, the woman felt so bad that she even thought about taking her own life. The only thing that kept her from doing it was her maternal instinct. However, her everyday life soon became a series of happy coincidences.

Once, a friend advised Parvina to get educated in vocal and acting skills. Almost immediately, she received two offers: to star in a music video and a movie. The young mother of many managed to arrange herself a flexible schedule: she wanted to spend maximum time with her 3 daughters and 2 sons not to let them feel that their father was no longer with them.

Parvina didn’t strive to conquer the fashion world, but it was probably prophesized to her by fate. Famous fashion designer Khurshed Sattorov saw a photo of the young mother on social networks.

In 2016, the beauty decided to try her luck at the Miss World Beauty competition and received an invitation to work as a model in France. Raised in the strictness of Muslim customs, the girl has always followed her demands for work: no revealing outfits that can defame her culture and religion.

Parvina conquered the podiums one after another and began to take her modeling career very seriously. She understood that many were ready to work hard for the sake of what she received without even thinking about it. But fame and prosperity haven’t become the most important things for her. The main goal of her life has always been her children’s happiness.

In 2017, the internet found out that Parvina married her secret lover. The woman never mentioned his name. The only thing we know is that he is a few years older, is a boxer, and has definitely managed to appeal to her children.

After that, Parvina disappeared for some time, occasionally sharing photos on her Instagram page. One of them was really surprising for her subscribers since she was captured already with 7 children.

We can’t tell for sure whether Parvina became a mother again. She has made no official statements about this yet. But we sincerely hope that her life happiness helps her forget the grief she had to endure.