5 Signs Of A Dysfunctional Family. Is Everything Fine With Your Relatives?

May 17, 2019 10:49

Many people are used to associating the phrase “dysfunctional family” exclusively with alcoholism, violence, or poverty. However, there are much more common problems that can lead to this!

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A dysfunctional environment is a closed family system with a rigid communication system. Each member of this system has a permanent role that can’t be changed. In a healthy family, people periodically change their functions, but dysfunctional family members simply have been stripped of any right to a full range of feelings and needs. With this model in mind, we can distinguish several signs of a dysfunctional family.

1. Irresponsible parents

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Often this problem occurs in large families who haven’t learned to take responsibility for 3 or more children. Such families may encounter several problems: financial issues, lack of personal attention, shirking of parental responsibilities, etc.

2. Incomplete family

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This isn’t always a sign of trouble. However, if a family has any of the following "symptoms," it can be considered dysfunctional: insufficient money to satisfy the child’s needs; lack of authority (mother-son, father-daughter pairs); lack of time because of the need to work long hours.

3. Parents with mental disorders

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Such families are characterized with the following disadvantage criteria: lack of proper care and upbringing for children; lack of funds; violence against children.

4. Intra-familial conflicts

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This affects the psyche of all family members very acutely. In such an environment, children may be subject to various forms of violence and develop a distorted understanding of how to behave in the family, which may become a problem in the future.

5. Foster or guardianship families

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Here we are talking about situations where both the child and the parents know that they don’t act like a biologically connected family. In this case, the following problems may become an issue: a psychological barrier for one or both parties; problems with education; lack of understanding. 

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Of course, this list should also include families with alcohol abuse or other harmful substances, as well as violence problems, but these forms are obvious. We would like to point out that the family can be dysfunctional under other circumstances as well. All the conditions above can be a serious problem for the child as he/she grows up, so it is always important to remember a simple truth: if you take such as serious a step as having children, you must take responsibility and be an exemplary parent to raise them a decent person!

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