7 Phrases That Loving Grandmothers Should Keep Themselves From Saying

May 16, 2019 14:59

A grandmother is the most loving and beloved person who always cares, praises, and treats you to your most favorite things. She isn’t as strict as your parents and can always provide you with support. But what makes her such a delightful person?

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Phrases that should be excluded from a grandma's vocabulary

Sometimes, a grandma runs out of patience for childish mischief and disobedience. She can then say such things that she'll later regret because, her life experience and wisdom suggesting to her that it was a mistake. After all, children are so vulnerable and impressionable. Nobody can really tell what they may think after a careless phrase from the mouth of their beloved granny.

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What kind of banned phrases are these?

1. If you want to stay here, I don’t care – I'm leaving

2. Stop crying, you're not a baby anymore

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3. You are too impressionable

4. Do what I said and don’t complain!

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5. What will you grow up into?!

6. Don’t argue with your grandmother – I have already seen life

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7. You're just like your mother! (in negative context)

If you are already a grandmother, you may want to create a list of phrases to best strike off your vocabulary. If you are only building your path to your grandkids' hearts, remember all the above-mentioned advice and apply in your future life. Don’t forget to share this experience with other new grandmothers.

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