7 Signs of A Henpecked Husband

May 21, 2019 18:08

A henpecked husband finds it hard to achieve anything in his life, even the respect of his own wife. This is a man who was brought up by a strict mom, who fastened his buttons in childhood and chose him a job in adulthood. If you are a strong-willed woman, accustomed to coping with life problems, there are no doubts – he perceives you as a mother, not a wife. So, how do realize he is under your thumb, and what should you avoid doing not to turn your man into a weakling?

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1. He agrees with everything you say

You deprived him of freedom so much that eventually, you find out the rumors behind your back about your way of life. You should realize when you start putting too much pressure on your man not to let it go out of control.

2. He hardly ever goes out with his friends

At the beginning of your relationship, he was enthusiastic, went fishing and to clubs, yet now he spends most of his time in front of the TV or computer. Don’t try to isolate him from communicating with his friends and people he is interested in. A man needs freedom to please his desires. Give your man the rein.

3. He has no other hobbies

An energetic and content man must be full of various interests: from football to constructing model airplanes. A man draws energy from these little joys in life that help your marriage stay strong.

4. He doesn’t hurry home after work

Your man begins to lie more often, justifies himself with the workload or bad weather for being late and is looking for a thousand of reasons to linger somewhere out of home. Perhaps he is simply afraid of the eternal changes of your mood and wants to be alone with himself.

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5. You make all the decisions yourself

He lost the initiative to be the head of the family and participate in joint plans. Once you decide everything yourself, there is nothing to worry about for him. The result of this indifference to the relationship will be acquiring a habit, leading to one-sided care of children and all other domestic problems.

6. He relaxes while you are not around

As soon as you are out of the house, he grabs some snacks and parks himself down in front of the TV. This is a clear sign that your man is letting off steam in solitude, and he is critically lacking a change of atmosphere since all his impressions are connected only with your life and interests.

7. He is afraid of losing you at all costs

He is continuously humiliated and asks for forgiveness since he can’t live without you and your instructions. If you notice you have become something like a watchmaker for your partner, try to stop controlling his every step.

If you find one or more signs from the list as characteristics to you as a couple, you should allow the man to start making decisions. Be sure, many problems will be soon solved by themselves. Don’t be afraid to take the passenger seat every once in a while.

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