Cockroaches And Dirty Mattresses: 4 "Mowgli Children" Were Found In An Ordinary City Apartment

May 16, 2019 11:42

Even though the problem of child abuse is gaining increased awareness on the media and is a global phenomenon that is common even in developed countries, many people still turn a blind eye to it. We prefer not to interfere in the affairs of other families, while horrible things happen behind their closed doors.


According to statistic, about 78% of ill-treatment cases is neglect. This includes a restriction of the child’s right to normal, healthy, and adequate nutrition; medical care; education; provision of appropriate seasonal clothing; as well as social, physical, and mental development.

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At the beginning of May 2019, some editions reported on 4 "Mowgli children." Not surprisingly, their living conditions were far from satisfactory. They lived in a cluttered, filthy, and cockroach-infested apartment. They didn’t attend school, were poorly dressed, and slept on the floor or just on mattresses. Apart from the mother, there were also animals in the apartment, most likely picked up from the street.

Later, the single mother of the children, Natalia, described the situation completely different from the version of what happened. According to the woman, she cared for the children. She claimed that the mess was made by her former renters, whom she forced to move out for non-payment. The authorities are currently trying to figure out what happened in reality and who is telling the truth. We can only hope that was the revenge of the neglectful renters who made all that mess in Natalia’s house, but evidence thus far isn't promising.

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Everyone should be aware of the signs of childish negligence. You should be alerted if the kid:

  • looks hungry, unhealthy, unkempt;
  • is intimidated and/or shows signs of developmental delays;
  • badly dressed or dressed off-season;
  • doesn’t have social interaction skills;
  • remains locked in the apartment alone for a long time;
  • doesn’t attend school;
  • doesn’t grow age-appropriately and gains weight poorly;
  • shows bad behavioral inclinations.

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Children from dysfunctional, sometimes incomplete, low-income families often fall into this risk group. They are also in danger if parents are unable to take care of them due to physical or mental health problems. However, this can also happen with people who otherwise appear quite normal.

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Any suspicion of neglect and cruel treatment should lead to the necessary actions:

  1. Try to make contact with the child, assessing the level of his socialization and emotional state.
  2. Look at his parents and their relationship.
  3. Inform the appropriate authorities, even if you aren’t completely sure of what is happening. You can also do this anonymously.

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The consequences of negligence can be fatal. In such situations, children don’t just lose their physical and mental health, they don’t develop properly. They can be injured, poisoned, and even worse. Don’t think that someone else will report the problem. It is always better to take the risk of informing the authorities about possible abuse than to put the life of an innocent child at even greater risk.

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