He Dumped His Pregnant Wife For Another Woman But Failed To Find Happiness

July 5, 2019 12:51

It is always a tough decision to forgive a man after a betrayal. Moreover, what if he's left you pregnant, and wants to meet with the child years after?

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Unfortunately, such stories aren’t as rare as they may seem. Not all men are ready to become fathers upon learning of their partner’s unplanned pregnancy. It may also happen that his feelings have gone, and the man meets another woman. Now, he is ready to leave the one who carries his child, and to whom he swore loyalty some time ago.

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Years later, the man remembers that he has a child from a previous relationship. He may feel an indispensable desire to see him or her…

What to do when a child’s biological father returns into your life? Do you need to allow him to meet his child? If yes, how should you organize everything?

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Psychologists consider several options for the event:

  • if there is a stepfather who raised the child, you need to ask his opinion;

  • meet with the biological father in advance and ask how he pictures the moment of acquaintance playing out;

  • parents of the child should meet with a psychotherapist to get advice on how to act;

  • try to predict possible behavior of the child after receiving the news of a biological father;

  • discuss how further communication can be built.

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Such situations can come as a serious shake-up for both the child and the whole family. Therefore, the task for adults is to find clear and understandable words to explain their behavior many years ago. In any case, each couple makes its own choice.

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