How Does Prince Louis’ Photos On His First Birthday Differ From George And Charlotte’s Ones?

April 26, 2019 19:07

The youngest son of the Cambridges has celebrated his first birthday on April 23. According to the tradition, the happy mother made his official portraits that so many fans all over the world were eagerly awaiting.

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Although Louis is still a baby, he has already had several official engagements, with millions of fans witnessing his first public appearances. During such occasions, photographers tried to take as many pictures as they could and immediately shared them across the net. Surely, there are dozens of photos in Kate and William's family album, but only the caring mother decides which will become public.

She was even rumored that her passion for photography helped her keep the kids out of the public. It was believed that by taking the pictures on her own, she not only maintained the children’s image as she wanted, but also controlled what can be shown to people.

Anyway, let’s get back to Louis’ photos. Compared to the newborn ones, he has already become more like his older brother and sister. However, there is something different in his official portraits from those that were taken in honor of George and Charlotte’s births.

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The couple organized a real professional photo session for their firstborn. The images included the baby posing by himself and with the entire family. The place for the pictures was also chosen with seriousness in mind – the Museum of Natural History.

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Princess Charlotte was photographed by Kate herself, and all the pictures were taken in the family house and garden.

George's official portraits were also taken at the residence. Unlike his brother, he didn’t stand on his own yet, but he seemed to have learned his sister’s gaze.

The key difference between these pictures and the photos of the older children is that they turned out to be more private: Kate chose a quiet, solitary place and didn’t reveal much of the Cambridges’ life.

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The boy’s portraits immediately provoked heated discussions: the public couldn’t agree who Louis resembles more.


Louis is a mix of George and Charlotte.  So cute.


So much like his dad!


I’ve never seen any brothers that look so alike! George and Louis almost have identical looks 😂♥️

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Mini William!


He looks like Katherine’s dad!!


Aww, Prince Louis’ such a lil cutie😍 He has Kate’s eyes and smile😍 Happy Birthday Prince Louis!

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He looks a lot like his grt grt grandfather King George VI did when he was a child.

Wow, the Windsor fans even managed to see the boy’s similarity with an ancestor over so many generations. They probably know it better. And what would you say: whom does little Louis resemble more? Share your thoughts in the comments.