Husband Left His Wife And Children For A Woman He Had Never Met In Real Life

May 15, 2019 11:59

Even happy and prosperous marriages sometimes end with one spouse’s betrayal. The most common cause of divorce is real-life cheating. Why have we specified that? Because recently, more and more people prefer to communicate online – it seems to be safer and looks more like a flirt since there may be no contact between partners at all. But what if such a connection pushes people to leave their families?

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In May 2019, The Sun published an unusual story of 43-year-old Kirsty Welch. She met her husband when she was only 16.

The young people didn’t communicate for several years but soon met up again. Shortly after the second meeting in 2001, they became inseparable: they got married, bought a house, and welcomed two beautiful children.

John was a caring father and husband; he worked hard to earn a living. The conflicts began unexpectedly: the man became reserved and spent more and more time on the web, rather than with his wife and children. One morning everything ended: John admitted that he decided to go to China to see a girl whom he met on the internet and had been communicating with for six months. He had never seen her before, but he turned his back on everything he had and ruined the family happiness.

Why is web cheating gaining so much popularity? First, it creates the illusion of anonymity. Modern technologies allow you to restrict access to various devices. Hiding such communication is quite simple. Secondly, it is convenient. You don’t need to plan the time and place to meet, as there are plenty of apps and resources to find potential partners. Finally, it is much easier to explain than physical cheating. After all, if there is no direct contact, surely there is no problem.

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Nevertheless, deception doesn’t lose its definition only because of the way it is performed. Even if your partner never learns about online communication, this doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to keep the family. Plunging into the world of a virtual relationship, the cheater may experience an irritation and dislike for the real one. In addition, he/she may become dependent on this communication and eventually decide on a personal meeting, which will make the situation even worse.

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Any infidelity, in real life or online, is a sign of relationship problems. Even if you stop communicating with a virtual partner, it doesn’t guarantee that such connections won’t appear again.

Undoubtedly, spying is ugly and immoral, but there are ways to figure out online infidelity:

  1. Changes in behavior and attitudes, unwillingness to spend time together, and excessive “enthusiasm” for mobile devices, especially if they are protected by passwords – these are the first signs that a partner is hiding something.
  2. An unknown SIM-card is another sign that a person is playing a double game.
  3. Speaking your mind freely is an unpleasant yet the most effective way to get things out in the open.

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No matter how carefully planned the cheating may be, a partner will eventually feel something is wrong. Do you think web infidelity, rather than a physical one, could be considered a “mitigating circumstance”? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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