Only The Married Will Understand: 10 Tweets About Family Life That Will Make You Chuckle

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April 15, 2019 16:57 By Fabiosa

Every couple seems to establish a new special relationship after marriage. The biggest role here is probably played by the routine and common situations that people face every day. Most couples manage to cope with such moments, and these challenges bring them even closer.

Today, we want to offer you a compilation of tweets that will remind you of everyday situations you must have found yourself in at least once. Can you remember getting in similar scenarios?

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10 family life tweets that will make you chuckle

1. At least he enjoyed her scent that night

2. Men usually don't notice such "details"

3. Truly trusting relationship

4. You still didn't understand that ignorance is key to his attention?!

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5. "You can't smell what?"

6. Oh dear! If only he knew a "storm" was coming

7. Well, sounds about right, doesn't it?

8. As Nickelback once said: "There's something in your mouth"

9. Hopefully, they didn't have to move because of a burnt chicken and house

10. Now they even use Instagram for this

Well, we think these tweets illustrate family life better than any movies or series. Did you recognize yourself in these situations? We are waiting for your answers and your own life stories in the comments!

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