Suspecting Wife Thinks Her Husband Has A Lover. Is It №1 Or №2?

July 3, 2019 14:55

How well can you “read” people? This useful skill can help you be less mistaken about others and avoid falling into the same trap. With a developed intuition, we can even protect ourselves from toxic and traumatic relationships!

Roman Samborskyi /

Today, we offer you to test your attentiveness and ability to read between the lines. Are you ready?

Brian A Jackson /

All you need to do is to look at the picture.

The wife suspects her husband of cheating. Who do you think is his lover?

Take your time and don’t make foregone conclusions. Review every detail carefully.

So, did you correctly guess that our “lady” is woman №1? Pay attention to the accessories: her earrings and the wife's necklace are from the same set! Well, the careless cheater decided to save money and split the jewelry set between his wife and lover!

Recognize which of the ladies is his lover? Did you notice the subtle detail? Share your thoughts in the comments!