Wealthy Parents Welcomed A Boy, But He Was Mistakenly Given To Another Family. How Did It Affect His Life?

May 10, 2019 12:45

Many women are afraid to give birth when there are no loved ones around them. It can be either a husband, mother, or gran. Firstly, they can provide the pregnant with support during childbirth. Secondly, they can eliminate the internal fear of children swapping by obstetricians. It would be easy to say that this problem is illusionary, if it weren't for numerous accounts that continue happening one after another. Today, we want to tell you one of those!

Two destinies

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Our hero of today is a 66-year-old man (who wishes to remain anonymous). He had quite a modest life: at the age of 2, he lost his father, who left him a small heritage. He was brought up by a single mother, who had to be busy with the education of three other children. He attended evening school and had to spend most of his time working at the factory. The situation soon improved: he was able to find a job as a taxi driver, where conditions were much more acceptable. He couldn’t find a wife for himself, because he was busy caring for his elderly brothers.

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In the meantime, another child, who was lucky to be born 13 minutes later in the same Tokyo hospital, grew up in a wealthy family surrounded by love and affection. He had a private tutor and an assured place at a decent Japanese university. After studying, the boy headed up a real estate company, with his three other brothers also working in large enterprises.

So, what is the problem here?

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The tragedy here was unexpected – the children were accidentally swapped, and the baby who was supposed to live in a wealthy family found himself in a poor one. Some time later, the three brothers from the wealthy family noticed that their sibling was very different in appearance and didn’t look like any of the relatives. They eventually asked for a DNA test and started looking for their real brother. In 2011, they finally found him. Unfortunately, it was too late because too much time had passed, and it was impossible to restore family ties.

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Now, our hero is in his sixties. He sees his biological siblings quite often and thinks of his real parents. He mourns a lot because he didn’t manage to see them – they had already passed away. He can only imagine how his life could have been if he hadn’t been replaced with another child.

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This story shows that you need to be vigilant in hospitals because one negligent mistake can ruin the fate of your child. It is better to be attentive for a moment than to live in oblivion for the rest of your life, raising someone else’s child.