10-Year-Old Boy Dresses Like A Girl. He Looks Feminine Even Without Makeup

July 1, 2019 10:57

The notion "drag queen" originated approximately in the middle of the 19th century and it predominantly implies men who dress in women's clothes. Originally, it was done for practical reasons. 150 to 200 years ago, women weren't allowed on the theater stage. Female parts, such as in Shakespearean plays, had to be performed by men dressed up as women.

One of the most famous drag queens today is Conchita Wurst. The idea of creating this stage persona came to the singer's mind when he was still a teen and was often faced with discrimination. The bearded Latina is some sort of a comeback for all his bullies. Appearance is just the facade, what's important is what is beneath the bling.

But what about kids? Is there a particular age when you can become a drag queen? Won't it affect a child's mental state? And who will be held responsible?

Canadian boy Nemis is 10 years old. He looks like a normal kid with slightly delicate and smooth facial features.

However, Nemis has an alter ego called "Queen Lactatia." The boy started to dress like his sister at the age of 3-4. The most interesting thing is that his parents totally supported his decision. Moreover, they help him to hype this unusual image!

Nemis is convinced that Lactatia has been living in him since his very birth and his mom doesn't see anything disgraceful about that.

Of course, Nemis also has opponents, but in any case, he's an amazingly charismatic and talented boy and he has a great chance of becoming a skillful actor or mastering any other art profession!