Ruling The Roost! Zodiac Signs That Control Their Husbands Every Second

July 1, 2019 10:57

These ladies are as hard as nails; their husbands are somewhat afraid of them, give them all their salary, and change people's names in their phonebook just to keep the peace. So who are they, women-commanders of the zodiac? But don't show them this article – iron ladies hate it when people try to criticize them.

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1. Scorpio

Scorpios earn first place fair and square. They are quite jealous and no one is allowed to play with their dignity. Female Scorpios vigorously protect everything they've conquered (that's right!) and what they consider theirs, including their beloved. The husband of such a lady may find himself thinking that he follows her every order without even realizing it. Looks like absolute power, doesn't it?

2. Leo

These women can't stand being neglected or disregarded and if they catch you trying to get away with it, boy, are you in for a fight. Leos are true drama queens and they're too proud to humbly agree with someone else's point of view. Beware, they are blazing fire!

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3. Capricorn

Meticulous Capricorn is a mommy who watches over her close ones just a bit too much, basically turning into the opposite sign – Cancer. She can't concentrate well when there's chaos and mess around, so she won't tolerate such things in her home. You will be well informed about what you should wear, what you should say, and who you can talk to. Numerously. For disobedience, you will be punished by long grudges and the silent treatment.

4. Taurus

Another jealous and dominative Earth sign whose representatives are exceedingly straightforward in any situation. If your point of view doesn't match a Taurean's, you'll have to work hard to persuade this stubborn sign. Female Taurus will react aggressively if something she believes the obvious and easy is executed or understood wrongly.

5. Cancer

Cancers are tyrants in disguise, controlling your emotions. They will ask your friends and colleagues about you, stalk you, but you won't even notice. Just one day out of the blue, they will put all their cards on the table and tell about all your tiny little mistakes and give no chance to get away with it.

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If your wife keeps a tight grip on you, don't be afraid to fight back – love her no matter what! Even an iron lady can melt if she is treated right and cared for.

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