He Loves Me! The Most Romantic Sleeping Position For Two

November 23, 2018 15:30

Sleep is a very private thing. However strange it might seem, not every pose will let you fall asleep fast. Every person chooses themselves the most comfortable and pleasant position, such as on the tummy, back, or side. And the moment your significant other appears in your life, you start a new sleeping stage, together. At this stage, favourite positions of the both of you may ungergo changes.

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Obviously, it's unlikely you'll be cuddling all night – it's uncomfortable! – but for a moment or two, a couple shows their intimacy with their body positioning. For instance, someone is fond of only a humble touch. Others prefer completely locking their partner in their arms, or spooning, which is considered the most intimate of them all.

But which pose is thought to be the most romantic? But may be surprised to find out that all partner's sleeping positions mean something and can tell things about the relationship. This was elaborately described by a psychiatrist Samuel Dunkell in his book Sleep Positions: The Night Language of the Body.

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It's time to reveal which pose is the most romantic – it's when her cheek is pressed against his chest. According to the psychiatrist, this is quite a common pose, as it is considered mutually the most comfortable. And yet, not everyone is up for sleeping this way. If you and your partner prefer this position, it means you're in a deeply close physical and spiritual relationship.

This pose represents tenderness, frankness, high level of trust, unity, and harmony. And comfort of this pose also emphasizes all these features, as both partners are in comfortable conditions: the man serves as a support while a woman represents a gentle creature who is under protection.

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In which position do you and your significant other sleep? Do you happen to prefer the one we've just shown? Share your stories in the comments!

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