Man Spent $250 000 And 8 Years To Have A Baby From A Surrogate Mother

December 10, 2018 19:12

Surrogacy is forbidden in many countries, however, for some couples, it is the only way to become the biological parents of their child. You might have seen our previous articles on this topic, such as those about celebrities who resorted to such services as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as well as Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

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However, celebrities aren't the only ones using such services. Lately, there has been an interesting tendency: single men started resorting to this service to start a family. For instance, one of such stories was told by an online magazine The Star Calgary a few months ago. Nathan Chan had been trying to become a father for 8 years. Over this time period he turned to different clinics for help but only the 6th surrogate mother after a series of failed transplantations, miscarriages and even stillbirth, managed to give birth to his long-awaited daughter. We don't know for sure why Nathan has chosen such a way and spent around 250 000 dollars to make his dream come true. Perhaps, he hasn't met his one and only to have his children but regardless of the reasons, we hope that Chan and his daughter will be happy no matter what the personal life of the guy will be like.

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The main difference between couples and single people choosing surrogacy is that in traditional families a man and a woman will eventually be raising their biological child when single fathers also have to choose the egg donor. The advantages of this childbirth way are the genetic connection with the baby and the fact that in many cases the procedure may be more straightforward than adoption.

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Regarding the downsides, there is the cost of surrogacy and the fact that the only person you will be able to rely on is yourself, in time and finance management in particular.

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According to one of the studies carried out by the Sapienza University of Rome, the reasons why men make a decision to become single fathers include:

  • the desire of becoming a parent and the feeling that this is the right time (financial stability, no need to look for a partner, age, other people's support);
  • the need for procreation;
  • fear of separation or divorce consequences for children connected with the regulation of custody issues.

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Along with this, we shouldn't forget about the fact that in some families women don't have any intention of having children, unlike their husbands, and apart from that, some people suffer from fertility problems.

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This kind of experience is quite common. It might seem a little unnatural or even risky at first, as you can only count on yourself.  But compared to the fathers who refuse to acknowledge their children or even abandon them, single dads like Nathan Chan are admirable, don't you think?

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