18-Month-Old Child Lost An Eye In A Drone Accident. What Safety Measures Can Prevent Such A Tragedy?

November 27, 2018 16:51

Shooting from a bird's-eye view, capturing significant events from an unusual angle, covering urgent news, and broadcasting live – drones have made it much easier for us. Journalists and TV reporters actively use them in their work, and they are a dream gift for many children and adults alike.

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But this amazing gadget that brings so much joy and convenience can pose a serious health threat.

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The story of Oscar Webb

18-month-old Oscar was playing in his neighbor’s garden, while his father, along with a family friend Simon Evans, were checking out a brand new drone. Suddenly, the drone clipped a tree and Simon lost control of the gadget. When the man tried to land it, the drone hit the baby in the face.

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The boy's father, Rick, immediately called an ambulance and his wife.

As I arrived, Oscar was crying and screaming and his dad was very upset and really struggling to calm him down.

– Oscar’s mom, Amy Roberts, recalled.

The operation lasted five hours, during which the doctors tried their best to save the boy’s eye. Unforunately, the damage was too serious. Surgeons were forced to remove the injured eye, to subsequently replace it with a prosthetic one.

People don't realize and understand how dangerous drones can be.

– Rick Webb shared.

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This is not the first accident caused by a drone. Photographer Georgine Benvenuto got the end of her nose clipped and her chin cut by a drone propeller, and triathlete Raija Ogden suffered a minor head wound when a drone crashed into him.

Safety measures for drone flying

To avoid injuries and accidents we advise you to remember these rules when using a drone:

  1. Before each flight, inspect the gadget for damage, ensuring all its elements are fully functional.
  2. The operator is responsible for preventing it from colliding into people or objects.
  3. Flying drones in crowded places is prohibited by law.
  4. Do not fly it within 160 feet of any person, vehicle, or structure; nor directly above groups of people, regardless of the altitude.
  5. The operator must always keep the drone within sight.

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Follow these safety rules and it may just prevent an unfortunate accident!

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