“I Don’t Want My Bridesmaids To Feel Too Pretty”: Bride-To-Be Went Too Far To Ensure All Eyes Are On Her

December 3, 2018 10:52

Any girl wants to look drop-dead gorgeous at her own wedding. But one bride-to-be went a touch too far in the understandable desire to outshine them all!

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According to Daily Mail, an Australian woman, who wished to remain anonymous on the internet, made her girlfriends come to the wedding in pantsuits. The bride-to-be explained her decision by the fact that she wanted to be the most beautiful girl at the ceremony.

At least she was honest!

Probably unpopular opinion on here... but I can't be the only one who wants my bridesmaids to feel pretty...but not TOO pretty.

However, contrary to expectations, many web users condemned the bride for wanting to look prettier at the expense of her girlfriends. Many assumed that the girl has big self-esteem issues.

Most brides-to-be wrote that they wanted their friends to look their best, and that some even paid for their makeup and hairstyles.

Then, the Australian bride elaborated on her plan to ensure nobody steals the spotlight. She shared that for her special day she asked her girlfriends to wear pantsuits to the wedding. Even her maid of honor is going to be dressed as a nun.

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Guys joined in on the discussion, with one writing:

These are your friends! Why would you want to make them look bad!

Really, why? So naïve…

And whose side are you on? Does the bride have the right to steal the show at the expense of her friends? Share your opinion in the comments!

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