One Single Phrase That Men Are Petrified Of Hearing From Their Wives

December 12, 2018

Men and women are creatures from different planets. If men are confident in their lives, we women sometimes don’t trust the universe. Especially, when it comes to relationships.

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Not all men are ready to show emotions. Some men are reserved and self-contained, but it doesn’t mean that he is indifferent to you.

If something has triggered your suspicion yet again, never rush to sort out the relationship. At first, try to sort yourself out. On the spur of the moment, you may push yourself into a corner. Some words may even destroy relationships.

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Above all things, men don’t like to hear the following:

You don’t love me.

It doesn’t seem to be a big deal; all he has to do is to deny your statement and say he does. He does love you! Maybe he will try the first time, but in future, this manipulation won’t work.

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You are expecting him to start reassuring you and by doing so boost your self-esteem. But, by saying this, you disrespect both of you. Suppose he doesn’t love you, why on earth you are still with him?

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Be careful with your words; never incite quarrels. If something really upsets you, have a calm talk without accusations.

What other phrases are difficult for men to cope with?

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  1. You just want sex from me.  
  2. My ex would never do this.
  3. You should have bought flowers (in response to a bad present).
  4. I won’t go anywhere with you. Change your clothes!
  5. We have to talk.

If you still think that your man doesn’t listen to half the words you say, that’s not true! He makes a mental note of what you have hotheadedly told him. Respect your partner, choose words carefully, and never start a conversation when you are boiling with anger. Breath in, breath out, and keep calm!

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