5 Things All Women Want, But Never Ask For

November 2, 2018 19:50

It only seems that being more emotional, women can easily ask their men for favors. But in fact, some have been brought up to fend for themselves and not ask for anything, while others don’t do it for a naïve belief that their partner should just know. So, now many people have to literally learn to build relationships with the opposite sex in order to be understood and get what they want.

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What are women silent about?

There are a few things that most women won’t ask for. Not because they are of little importance, but because explicitly asking for them defeats the whole purpose. And particularly sensitive ladies are even afraid to put their partner on the spot by such requests. So, what is it about?

1. Tactile contact

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It is awkward for women to ask for gentle touches while watching a movie, for example. And it is even harder for them to ask for intimacy. That is, when men want sex, they show it in every possible way and can openly speak about it. For a woman, it's almost a taboo.

2. Flowers for no reason

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It is not customary to give flowers without a special reason, just like that. But this simple gesture would make a woman so happy!

3. Compliments

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Only when a man is driven into a corner in the dressing room and unambiguously asked to evaluate your new dress, will you hear something slightly resembling a compliment. Women would like to be told compliments even in pajamas, with a mask on the face, and curlers on the head.

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4. Sympathy

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Only when a woman starts to cry does her chosen one realize that something may be bothering her. The tears can be prevented with such a simple thing as a hug and words of comfort. Is this so hard?

5. Pleasant surprises

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This is not about expensive gifts that you’ve been scraping up for a year. It can be a surprise breakfast cooked on the weekend, tickets to the cinema, going for a walk somewhere new. Such trifles are very much appreciated.

Many of those things are simple signs of affection and would lose their meaning if directly asked for. Try to be attentive to each other and your relationship will bloom! You both will be happier, and there will be no place for tension and misunderstandings.

What do you think? What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments and share with friends!

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