Crazy Rich Asians: A Man Dropped His Son Off At School In A Ferrari. Teachers And Parents Were Indignant!

October 17, 2018 12:51

An interesting story took place in China when a rich father, who drives his child to school in a luxurious sports car, was rebuked by the teachers and other parents.

Li, who earns more than 4 million yuan a year ($578,000) in a large construction company in Hangzhou, brought his son to an elementary school in a Ferrari 488 supercar.

Here is this luxury car:

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After that, the father was slammed in the messenger group by other parents and teachers for “showing off wealth”:

It’s not proper. You should not show off, no matter how rich you are!

If it’s just dropping the kid at school, can’t you just use a regular car? You are not short of money anyway.

Teachers of the school, where Li’s child is studying, considered that this could lead to unhealthy comparisons and would disrupt fellowship among pupils.

They suggested that the father bring his son to school in a more modest car.

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But the businessman stood his ground. He said that he earned his money and the car with hard work, and he intends to continue to give his son only the best:

If seeing others driving a racing car hurts feelings, your children are too sensitive. Besides, why should I buy another car just to serve your needs?

Soon, Li was removed from the chat group. His last message there was:

What’s wrong with you people?

This news triggered a heated debate on the Chinese social network Weibo. This post has collected more than 30,000 comments and 12,000 reposts.

Here are the opinions of some people:

The teacher and the parents who were offended have failed to teach children the right values on life and money. Can they make luxury products vanish from the world?

Wealth gap is a real thing. It’s better to educate children to face it rather than castigate others for driving sports cars to show off their wealth

I feel that this parent is not the one who is in the wrong here. His reaction is very reasonable.

Users of the social network came to the conclusion that teachers and parents overreacted.

They even wrote a few recommendations for all parents:

  1. There is no need to raise children in excessive modesty.
  2. More importantly, parents set an example.
  3. Set the right values ​​for your child!

Do you agree with these tips? Share your opinion in the comments!

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