Famous Swedish Psychiatrist: “We Have Bred A Nation Of Ill-Mannered Brats"

October 23, 2018 13:46

You surely must have witnessed the result of modern parenting, when, for example, in a café disobedient children cry, throw food around, open the front door in cold weather and such. Their moms and dads just sit there, doing nothing. And people around don’t risk making a remark because the parents are likely to pounce on anyone who tries to restrict their children’s individuality. Everyone has their own views on parenting and now you can’t simply approach somebody’s child and say: enough! Why this is bad for children and adults said famous Swedish psychiatrist David Eberhard.

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Dr. Eberhard was the youngest of five children in his family. He had both psychiatrists and doctors among his ancestors and followed in their footsteps becoming a doctor in a psychiatric clinic. He now lives in Stockholm and is raising six children. Since 2006, David has published four books on psychiatric issues. One of them titled “How Children Took Power” is specifically directed to liberal parenting.

The consequences of a liberal approach to parenting

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The psychiatrist claims that liberal upbringing has failed as an approach. The life of the parents now only revolves around the child. Adults do not stand up to their children and don’t establish boundaries. Parents are overcaring. What is the result? Children grow up completely unprepared for adulthood, thinking that they are the center of the universe. Now society consists of young people who cannot solve their own problems.

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Parents treat children as equals. When in the evening they come home from work, they do whatever their child wants them to. For children to sit quietly, parents give them gadgets and allow them to watch cartoons as much as they like. They are allowed almost everything! As a result, they grow up to become self-centered brats.

Teachers’ authority is almost nonexistent

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Teachers are no longer authority for children. Young people do not listen to them more than to their parents. As a result, children study poorly, play truants, and insult teachers.

How to raise children

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According to Dr. David Eberhard, parents and children are not equals and it’s absolutely normal. In any case, adults have more life experience, know more, so they set the rules.

What do you think, on what principles should we raise our children? Are you ready to do everything to please your baby or will you set some ground rules?

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