Joint Diet Untied The Knot: Husband Lost Weight, His Wife Did Not

October 30, 2018 18:16

For people who suffer from excess weight, a diet is a real struggle. At first, it is difficult for them to find motivation, and then it is very important to find a person who would constantly maintain it or even better – someone who would be striving to achieve the same goal. We want to tell you a story about a couple who made a tough call to lose weight together. Husband and wife were both overweight, so they equally needed to work on their bodies. You'd be surprised, but the whole thing ended in a divorce!

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A Reddit user nicknamed Jimboyt65 told that each of them weighed nearly 300 lbs, so a diet was simply necessary.

We could barely walk the few steps from our car to our office. We didn't vacation, we didn't go for walks, we didn't do anything but stare at our phones when we went out to eat. We ate takeout three meals a day and were pretty miserable. Our sex life was at first uncomfortable, and then essentially non-existent.

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Of course, a mere diet wouldn't be enough, so they had to sign up for the gym, start eating healthy food, give up bad habits, and at a certain point even count calories. Sounds harsh, right? In fact, the wife couldn’t take it more than a week!

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Naturally, the husband was left disappointed by her inaction because he continued to improve himself, and in a month had his first results - he lost about 10 pounds! Within four months, his weight loss became evident, which motivated the man even more, but not his wife.

It was at this point that she became intensely hostile towards me. She started making me sleep in the guest bed (she claimed it was because of my snoring). We communicated through email and texts and even those were hostile.

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Apparently, she was so jealous that she couldn’t find the strength to continue her weight loss or support her husband.

She started posting stuff on Facebook like ‘losing the genetic lottery’ in terms of her weight and that the only way was to love her for who she was. And her Facebook profile backdrop read:

Change your world, not your body.

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Their relationship ended abruptly when the wife informed her spouse via a text message that she was filing for divorce. Can you imagine his shock? She went as far as to say that she found him no longer attractive!

I'm sorry to do this to you, but I am deeply unattracted to both your new body and your new attitude. I never thought you would remind me of my bullies but that's exactly what you've become. I'm contacting a divorce lawyer on Monday morning.

The devastated man accepted the news, and in search for answers turned to social network users. The response from the Internet community was unanimous – he was advised not to try and get his wife back, because she clearly doesn’t deserve him. She was not supportive, so there is no point in trying to save their marriage. What do you think about this story? Let us know in the comments.

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