5 Reasons Why Women Choose Toxic Men

December 24, 2018 14:20

Unfortunately, nowadays, many women find themselves a man, but soon understand they are spending their time with a wrong person. Even though many good men are around, a lot of women tend to choose real troublemakers that disappoint them some time after. Today, we will tell you why this happens and why some women tend to gravitate toward toxic relationships.

1. Fear of loneliness

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Many people don’t want to admit they are afraid to be alone. That is why they choose an interesting and even dangerous man, trying to get rid of uncomfortable loneliness. This makes them forget about their despondency for some time, but eventually, they end up suffering a whole lot more.

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2. Low self-esteem

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Often, women opt for a toxic relationship because they don’t believe they deserve anything better. They repel good men, subconsciously believing they aren’t worthy of them. That is why they choose sacrificial relations with bad partners. Work on your self-esteem, and you will soon be ready for positive relationships.

3. You think you can “fix” him /

Instead of devoting yourself to a harmonious, complementary relationship, you spend time "raising" your boyfriend. People change only when they try by themselves. You won’t change him for sure, but will only suffer along!

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4. Societal pressure

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There are situations when your relatives and friends begin to put pressure on you to start a family. They naively believe that they advise you a suitable candidate. However, no one can be happy in such a relationship. Learn to listen to your true desires and needs. Otherwise, public opinion will break you, and you will live with a tyrant and hate each other!

5. Repeated scenario

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Women often choose toxic partners because they are used to such unhealthy relationships. Often, they end up repeating the scenario of their parents. If family relationships were unhealthy, they subconsciously look for the same. After a failed relationship, they enter into a series of unpleasant repetitive situations.

Stop wasting time on unworthy men. Work on yourself: challenge public opinion or “rewrite the script.” Give a chance to something new, and you will notice how you, your environment, and men in your life are slowly changing!

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