80 Years After A Little Girl Was Found Abandoned In The Bushes, She Managed To Find Out Her Real Origin

November 19, 2018 10:18

People are always touched by stories of abandoned children. Our imagination shows us a picture of a baby that turned out to be unnecessary for the parents. Why was it left, for what reason? What will be its fate? It is really delightful to come to learn that some of these stories end up happily and even continue some time later. Anthea Ring was one such a child.

It was summer of 1937. The Dodds family was walking along the blackberry bushes in the suburbs of London and found a baby of nine months lying among the greenery. Both adults and children were startled that a baby was left unsupervised. They handed the girl to the police and then to the hospital.

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The investigation didn’t provide an answer as to who the parents of the child had been and why they had left her. Shortly after the incident, Anthea was adopted by the Shannen family. They loved their daughter very much, so the girl learned about the adoption only by chance – a neighboring boy once told it to her.

After Anthea grew to adulthood, got married, and welcomed two children, she found out additional information about her biological parents. She saw herself in a newspaper that showed her infant photo – the police were conducting an investigation and were asking for help from the public in search of the kid’s mother. The shocked woman cried over the newspaper for a long time.

However, at the end of the 20th century, DNA testing finally became accessible for everyone. Anthea Ring decided to take a chance to find her relatives. By that time, she already had grandchildren who were of similar age to that little girl from the newspaper.

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Searches lasted almost a quarter of a century! Over these years, Ring had been tested for DNA several times and met with a police officer who conducted the investigation 60 years prior. Various people helped her; dozens of church books were revised. After her appearance on TV, a nurse from the hospital, the eldest daughter of the Dodds family, responded.

Thanks to the woman’s perseverance, who by that time had already celebrated her 80th  birthday, she managed to find out the name of her mother and father, find relatives along their lines, and most importantly, get the date of birth and the name of the baby left, as it was recorded at christening.

Unfortunately, nothing but assumptions could be built around the question why the child was abandoned. One of them include a hired nanny who wanted to sell the baby to a childless family, but something didn’t go according to plan. Such incidents were quite common in those times.

Today, Anthea Ring is a happy woman, surrounded by her children and grandchildren. She also maintains relations with her biological relatives. Although much has already been revealed to her, she still considers Margaret and Douglas Shannen her parents; these people raised her.

Even though some questions will never be answered, Anthea was happy to find her relatives. It is really important to know who you are and where are you from to let your descendants carry your life story along the centuries.

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