Couple Couldn’t Decide Who Would Be Father To Their Kids, So They Both Tried And Succeeded With Twins!

January 31, 2019 14:33

Becoming a father is one of the happiest moments for any man! Sometimes it seems that they are even more pleased than the mother of the child. This is probably because the woman carried the baby while the man observed it from the sideline. The family of Simon and Graeme Berney-Edwards happened to witness an even bigger miracle.

The couple really wanted to have a child, but they couldn’t decide on who the biological father should be. Each considered themselves the best candidate for the role and, at the same time, was ready to give in to their partner. Luckily, the in vitro fertilization clinic helped them to resolve the controversy. Theoretically, it was possible to fertilize the eggs with the sperm of both men. Even though there was no such experience in the practice of British medicine, the partners decided to give it a go.

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An anonymous donor donated eggs, one part of which was fertilized with Graeme’s sperm, and the other with Simon’s. Then, they found a surrogate mother – 32-year-old Canadian Meg, already having had children. The fertilized embryos successfully settled down!

The men flew all the way to Canada to meet Meg. They were also present at the twin’s birth. The couple welcomed a girl and a boy. The happy fathers claim that Alexandra is Simon’s copy, and Calder is a double of Graeme. Now they have a complete family.

This case of the twins' birth from different fathers was the first in the history of Britain, becoming a memorable event. By the way, the kids have already celebrated their first birthday.

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Meg flew from Canada to the celebration since the men stay in touch with her and are continuously grateful for the miracle that she became a part of.

Are you impressed with the amazing story? What do you think, can this become a norm for such couples? Share your opinions in the comments.

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