Listen To Your Body: Doctors Dismissed Complaints Of A Pregnant Woman Who Soon Birthed A Lifeless Boy

November 23, 2018 23:04

There is danger waiting for our little children and us everywhere. Parents need to be attentive at all times. Even the most harmless things can eventually become a serious threat to health.

Tomsickova Tatyana /

Pregnancy is the best period in the life of almost every woman. However, the health of the future mother can be very vulnerable.

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Natalia Deriabina /

Kristy Watson, 20, dreamed of a child, but her previous three pregnancies ended in miscarriages. For the fourth time, the girl seemed to be lucky.

Christie had been carrying a baby for already 26 weeks and was looking forward to welcoming a baby boy.

However, Watson soon began to feel unwell. She was constantly suffering from headaches, swelling, and pressure surges. The doctors dismissed the girl’s remarks and assured her those were the ordinary symptoms during pregnancy.

When Christie was finally had an ultrasound done, it turned out that her baby’s heart wasn’t beating anymore. The child died at the 32nd week of pregnancy due to preeclampsia, a serious complication that often leads to the death of both fetus and mother.

The girl had to give birth to a lifeless boy.

Preeclampsia threatened Christie's life as well, but fortunately, the girl survived, although she would hardly ever be able to heal from the emotional trauma.

After everything she had to go through, Watson recommends all mothers to listen to their body, take tests, and undergo regular ultrasounds in case of any changes in health. Even if doctors say everything is all right, it is better to to go for a second opinion. Mother's instincts are usually right.

Take care of your health; take care of your children.

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