Mother Received A Chance To Hug Her Daughter Again Only 17 Years After Giving Her Up For Adoption

February 1, 2019 12:17

The majority of women regard the news about pregnancy as a wonderful gift. However, some are simply not ready for motherhood either morally or financially. Everybody chooses for herself: some give the child up for adoption, some consent to an abortion, some raise the child independently, and the others give it up to the mercy of fate.

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Today, 38-year-old Gina Crotts is a well-known blogger, writer, social activist, and head of non-profit organization Birth Mother Baskets, which provides emotional support to women who find themselves in the same situation as she once did.

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The girl became a mother when she was 19. She had no husband or partner, no permanent source of income, and no opportunity to raise a child independently. However, unlike many adolescents, Gina decided to give her daughter life and make sure she was protected and received care and love: Crotts gave her girl up for adoption.

Little Kalyn found her new family quickly. Her adoptive parents kept in touch with Gina, sent her the girl’s photos and shared her achievements. The biological mother not only carefully kept everything that concerned her first daughter but also told her three other children about her. They even celebrated her birthdays although the girl wasn’t around.

Crotts didn’t assume her daughter would ever find out about her existence and, moreover, would want to meet with her. However, Kalyn totally understood that her own mother wasn’t able to raise her. She found Gina’s family and wasn’t embarrassed to communicate with them.

In recent years, Gina has worked extensively in supporting children who were given up for adoption and encouraging future mothers to make choices in favor of birth, not abortion. She writes memoirs and talks about her own experience.

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The decision to give her child up for adoption wasn’t easy for her, especially after several days spent with the baby. Gina sang lullabies to her and tried to hug her as much as possible, realizing she wouldn’t have a chance to do it in the future. This experience also helped her become the mother she now is for her three subsequent children.

Unplanned pregnancy makes a woman face a choice: to stop the pregnancy, keep the child, or give the child up for adoption.

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Only the women who want to give their kids a chance for a happy life make the last choice. Religious or moral beliefs, or fear about future consequences (in particular, health problems) are the main reasons that can deter a woman from abortion.


It is possible to decide on giving your baby up for adoption at any time during pregnancy. It will be too late to think about it after abortion. In addition, a mother can decide herself whether she wants to participate in the child’s future life or not.

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Even though they met 17 years after the separation, Gina and Kalyn have a lot to discuss. The teenager likely has many questions for her biological mother, but we hope that the women will understand each other. What do you think about it? What decision is correct: to give a child a chance for life but immediately leave it or stop its life path even without starting it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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