From Modeling Career To Hospital In 2 Years: 14-Year-Old Twins Developed Anorexia After Starving Themselves

December 10, 2018

Anorexia is one of the most dangerous diseases adolescents can suffer from. The fragile psyche perceives everything very close to the heart. Adults suggestions, peers’ insults, popular magazines, and social networks can negatively affect not only mental but also physical health. This is exactly what happened with the twin girls Masha and Dasha. Striving for an early modeling career, they quickly ended up in hospital.

The twins have always been slim. Long hair, beautiful appearance, and slender body allowed them to enter modeling business in 12 years. Everything was going well, but 2 years later, their agent recommended the girls to lose weight so that their cheekbones became visible. Before losing weight, the young models weighed 114 and 119 lbs, being 5 feet and 10 inches high.

First, the twins removed sweets from their diet. They started preparing for themselves only salads in the evening and began eating only steamed food, slowly reducing the amount they consume. No one, including their mother, could affect them until they eventually began to lose weight rapidly. Before the girls got into the hospital, Masha weighed 88 and Dasha – 79 lbs.

No one wanted to start working with the anorexic girls. Luckily, the popular Instagram model Maria Kokhno, who had also suffered from anorexia, decided to help them.

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She organized a fundraiser for girls who were laying at home and slowly dying. Now they are on treatment surrounded by a professional team.

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People don’t stop supporting the girls. Some blame their mom for not caring for the twins properly; others accused social networks and glossies of the negative influence:

The mother must have brought them to exhaustion!

Mothers are by no means guilty!

The modeling agency should be ashamed of what they have done!

All we can do is pray for the poor girls and hope they will get better soon.

By the way, Maria now also helps another anorexic girl – Christina, who had previously weighed only 37 lbs.

Pay attention to how your children react to modern trends. Talk to them all the time and explain how important it is to stick to reality. Take care of the close people around you.

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