2 Different Ways: Netizens Argue About The Right Way Of Putting On Socks


April 16, 2019 17:47 By Fabiosa

Socks are the wardrobe item that is notorious for going missing all the time. But it turned out that this is not the only thing about them that can start a heated discussion on the internet!

What do you put on first: socks or pants?

Social media users have recently been divided into two camps: those who put on socks first, and then pants, and those who do it the other way around.

The debate flared up on Twitter after an innocent question from Ryan Broderick, a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News.

It turned out that there are advocates of this way among Ryan's subscribers!

However, the adherents of the second way appear to be equally numerous.

Who would have thought that the order of these routine actions could be such a hot button! We can all agree that both ways have the right to exist.

On a similar note, here are some interesting ways to give old socks a second life. Don’t rush to throw away even the worn out ones!

Which way is more convenient for you? Write your opinion in the comments!