Test Your Wit: What Number Should Go At The End?


April 17, 2019 15:54 By Fabiosa

In childhood, it doesn’t matter whether you like math or not – it is just a part of compulsory education everyone has to deal with. That’s why over the years, some people still find it simple and fun, while for others it remains an unfathomable mystery. In adulthood, the situation changes dramatically: mathematical skills can be easily replaced by a calculator, other gadgets, or even an assistant.

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It is completely different with logical thinking. You can’t solve logical problems without turning on your brain.

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Just like in any real-life situation, you have to carefully analyze the conditions given to find the right solution. Now, we offer you to use your mathematical and logical skills in one task. Ready to check how good you are?


Try to figure out what number comes at the end?

Think carefully!

Don’t hurry!

Analyze everything you see.

Ready to learn the right answer?


The number is 9. To solve this puzzle, you had to add the middle row to the top row. This turned out to be a simple adding problem!

Did you manage to figure it out by yourself? Was it difficult? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to share this brain teaser with your friends. Perhaps, they will find it amusing too!