Fragile Soul: 3 Zodiac Signs Who Fear Rejection

May 17, 2019 17:31

Each of us has our own views on relationships. Some people let go of wrong people in their lives easily, others take it really hard and fear that they will get rejected again in the future. Such people are open-hearted and sensitive, that's why they need a special approach. Give them confidence that you will be there by their side no matter what.

Astrologers claim that vulnerable people are mostly born under the signs of Scorpio, Aries, and Virgo.

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Zodiac signs that are afraid of rejection


At first sight, you might get the impression that Scorpio is a strong zodiac sign. They aren't afraid of anything and anyone. But in reality, some of them have a very fragile soul. They are sensitive, especially when it comes to relationships. Show Scorpios that you love them and that they have nothing to be afraid of.

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A breakup may cause irreparable damage to Arians' emotional state. That's why this sign is trying not to get attached to the people around them. And if Aries falls in love head over heels, he/she is very afraid of losing his/her significant other.

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Virgins are very vulnerable and at the same time, self-centered. If someone turns them down, they won't be able to cope with it. And it's all because such an attitude may give a hard blow to their self-esteem.

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If you know any Scorpio, Aries or Virgo, make them believe that you won't turn your back on them. It means a lot to them!

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