Why Are Children's Favorite Treats "Kinder Surprise" Banned In The USA?

May 16, 2019 17:56

It's no secret to anyone that each country has its own rules and traditions. What’s considered completely normal in one country may be a serious taboo in another. For instance, we have discovered that such everyday things as jeans, Coca-Cola and Wi-Fi are banned in North Korea.

Kinder Surprise has been a favorite treat for many generations of children. It was created by Michele Ferrero (the owner of Italian chocolate company Ferrero) and his associate William Salice. They were the ones who came up with the idea to put toys inside chocolate eggs.

Kinder production dates back to 1974, and more than 30 billion chocolate eggs have been sold worldwide since.

By the way, Kinder Surprise treats are popular not only with kids, but also adults who are collectors of the toys.

However, there's one country in the world where you will definitely never find these well-liked chocolate eggs in stores. So where are these treats illegal and why?

Why is Kinder Surprise banned in the USA?

Since 1938, according to the Federal Law, any products that contain “non-nutritive objects” are banned in the territory of the United States. The law was passed because the toys from chocolate eggs pose a potential threat for children: a kid may choke on small pieces or swallow them.

"Smugglers" face the fine of $2,500 per single chocolate egg for bringing Kinder into the USA.

What do you think? Is it a valid reason to ban this treat? Or if you ban all goods containing small pieces that a child may accidentally swallow, there will be almost no toys left on the market? Share your view in the comments below!