5 Attention Puzzles. Real Fitness For The Brain!

May 14, 2019 11:41

After getting used to the same routine repeating day in and day out, many of us stop paying attention and fail to notice surrounding details. It is quite a problem for people with monotonous jobs.

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A decrease in concentration can negatively affect various aspects of life. For instance, a road sign can slip your attention while driving, you may leave your keys at home, or forget your card in an ATM.

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Like muscles, our brain needs regular exercise. Often we forget how important it is to keep it fit. And it doesn’t even take hours or monumental efforts!

Fortunately, you can turn to the usual riddles and puzzles that will help improve your attentiveness and focus. Let’s check how well you can keep your focus!

5 attention puzzles


Did you manage to solve this puzzle? If not, see the answer below!


This puzzle may take a bit longer to crack, even though the answer lies on the surface. Found it yet?


This task will require some analytical skills. If you couldn’t find the answer, see the solution below.


Another good test for attention. To check your guesses, take a look at the answer below.


Even though this picture looks more like an optical illusion, you will need to be very attentive to solve this puzzle. Do you know the answer? Scroll down to check yourself!

How fast did you solve these puzzles? Which one did you struggle with? Tell us in the comments!