Appearance Is Deceptive: Bossiest Signs Of The Zodiac Among Men And Women

May 14, 2019 12:56

Each person is a combination of positive and negative character traits. And the latter are usually masked under the veil of nicer ones. Perhaps, many of us have had this situation when a person you seem to have known for a long time surprises you. Bossiness can take many forms: it can be open and uncovered, but sometimes it hides behind a well-planned scheme of manipulations. Astrologers claim that there are only 3 of these signs for men and women. Will you agree with them?

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1. Scorpio

It is not easy to understand cagey Scorpios. They are honest and straightforward, but at the same time quite tactful. Scorpios are confident in themselves and their strengths; they are dedicated and prefer to get what they want by all means necessary, even if some consider them cruel. It is peculiar that the bossiness in their character surfaces when they are sure that they are right; they would never insult and order about otherwise.

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2. Aries

It would seem that bossiness is this sign’s second nature. They don’t tolerate objections and are easily tipped off should someone or something interfere with their plans. They protect their own interests and are not afraid to seem rude and assertive while doing so. Aries women are leaders willing to take responsibility. They are flattered when they are listened to and valued.

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3. Cancer

Shy and caring Cancers seem vulnerable because of their emotionality. At the same time, they can keep their true feelings under wraps when they pursue a really important goal. And in this game they don’t hold back – insults, whims, persuasion, and waiting. Cancers’ bossiness is in that they get what they want gently yet inevitably. But, like Scorpios, they channel their energy mainly for the good.

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1. Cancer

Representatives of this sign love to take on the role of a defender. Often, they do it with best intentions in mind. Soft and reliable Cancer men transform beyond recognition when something doesn’t match their expectations. They are capable of becoming jealous proprietors and “commanders-in-chief” in a matter of seconds when they sense danger to their loved ones. At such times, Cancers can stand their ground even though they may seem despotic.

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2. Taurus

The main thing in life for a Taurus man is stability. They love comfort and regularity. All their actions are carefully planned and time is perfectly scheduled. “I said…” is a phrase familiar to any person who's had the misfortune of opposing a representative of this sign. They show incredible stubbornness in the face of upcoming changes. But what is distinct: their firmness is always justified and aimed at maintaining balance.

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3. Gemini

Gemini men love to be in the center of attention, and they strive to surround themselves with people who can keep up with their pace of adapting to new conditions. In relations with women and colleagues, they almost imperceptibly convince everyone that they are right. By “adjusting” people to themselves, Gemini make their own comfort zone. With that, they can give more energy and positivity than any other sign.

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As with any character trait, bossiness can be taken up differently. Did you notice that many signs on our list are believed to be rather peaceful? What do you think about this?

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