Attentiveness Test: Which Kid Is A Girl?

May 14, 2019 11:41

Sometimes, little things that usually slip our attention are the important ones. Try to solve this riddle and test how observant you are.

Condition: All children are the same age and dressed alike. Which one of them is a girl?

Are you are tired of looking at the picture in the futile attempt to find the answer?

Okay then... 

Scroll down!

Answer: The girl is in the middle.

The thing is that men's shirts are buttoned on the right side and women's on the left. This distinction goes back to the 13th century, to the times of inequality of classes. Usually, women were dressed by maids back then. Given that most of them were right-handed, for their convenience, the buttons were on the left side.

Men dressed themselves so it was handier for them to have buttons on the right.

This little historical relic survived and became part of our life today. Did you know that men and women’s shirts are buttoned on different sides?