How Do You Hold Your Coffee Mug? One Of The Ways Gives Away Your Lack Of Refinement

May 16, 2019 12:05

Table etiquette was not invented just for kicks. Some people use it to stand out; others view it as a code of ethical rules that make the process of having a meal as comfortable for everyone as possible.

When times changed and the greater population became a little wealthier, table manners started to make its way into the life of ordinary families. Have you heard of etiquette? Let's see!


Look at these two pictures and tell how you hold a coffee mug.

Is everything clear in the picture?

Have you chosen your answer?

Let's see if you follow the etiquette...


Number 1 is the correct way. This is how you are supposed to hold a coffee mug according to the etiquette. The index finger goes through the handle while the other three are firmly pressed to the palm.

Valentyn Volkov /

If you take your coffee as in picture 2, don't worry! Just switch to tea and the rules won't be broken! 

In any case, however, don't even think about straightening the pinky – it is tasteless, unpractical, and will show your lack of manners.


Now that you know the rules, you can make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy your preferred beverage in compliance with the etiquette. With a bit of training, who knows, maybe you'll get a chance to join Meghan Markle for high tea!