New Trend In Men's Fashion: Why An Increasing Number Of Men Put On High Heels?

May 13, 2019 15:32

Men wearing high heels is more than just a trend. Many have grown tired of stereotypes and restrictions: this is for girls, and this is for boys. Gentlemen want to look fabulous, too!

If nowadays you can find pants and Brogue shoes in the wardrobe of most stylish women, why can't men wear high heels? At least some of them think so.

Encouraged by famous brands, glossy magazines, celebrities, and beauty bloggers, men's fashion is becoming less masculine. It is difficult to predict how this trend will develop and whether it will last for some time, but it seems that we need to accept.

Men who have proven that heels are not only for women

Some gentlemen don’t mind trying on feminine shoes and skirts.

Some guys prefer restrained images that appear quite balanced.

Others refuse everything masculine.

High heels and a leopard-print. How do you find this duo?

According to this man, leg hair is no obstacle to wearing gorgeous shoes.

And this guy didn’t forget about a pedicure to go with the mules.

What times these are! Girls prefer bulky sneakers over elegant heels, and guys parade in feminine pumps.

What do you think about this trend? Should we expect that in the near future most men will switch to heels? Share your opinion in the comments!