Test: How Well Do You Know Your Brands?

May 15, 2019 11:59

Often, a logo becomes the brand's business card. Even consumers who don’t purchase the product still know about the brand because designers are trying to make logos as memorable and visually informative as possible.

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Today we prepared a little test for you: how well do you remember logos? When you are ready to see the correct answer, click on the picture.

1. McDonalds

One of the first major brands to start conquering mainland Europe. You can see their logo in any corner of our planet. After all, you can find McDonalds even in some small towns. So can you recognize the actual logo?

2. Twitter

Twitter has become popular not only due to its functionality and completely different approach to social network communication, but also thanks to the cute corporate style. Which one is the real logo?

3. Chrome

The logo of Google Chrome, one of the most popular browsers in the world, can be easily recognized by the combination of colors. But how exactly are these colors arranged?

4. Snickers

Several generations have been saved from hunger by this chocolate bar. But can you find its marketing face?

5. Pepsi

A worthy rival for other giant, Coca-Cola. And the original and stylish logo has played an important role. Do you recognize it?

Did you guess all the brands? You can be proud of yourself! Perhaps you will become an expert some day on the history of logotypes. People will flock to you so that you can tell them about marketing strategies of world-famous companies and their visual communication with consumers.