5 Questions Well-Mannered People Never Ask


April 11, 2019 16:59 By Fabiosa

Every once in a while, each of us is taken aback by an awkward question that can upset, embarrass or even infuriate.

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Social skills are indispensable in everyday life and work. But even polite people sometimes ask questions that make their vis-à-vis recoil and want to finish the conversation. What topics should be avoided in communication with a person if you want to establish good relations?

The 5 most tactless questions that can stump most people

1. How much do you earn?

Many of us are trying to meet others’ expectations and are afraid that they will be disappointed with our answer. Besides, you never know what salary is considered OK by your curious conversational partner. Hence the awkwardness of this exchange.

2. When are you getting married?

Even having a regular partner doesn’t save you from this sort of questions. You can’t really discuss your personal life will all of your close people, let alone strangers. Excuses like “We decided not to rush it,” don’t always satisfy their curiosity.

3. Why don't you have children?

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Even when you are happily married, don’t expect tactless people to leave you alone. Questions about the wedding will surely be followed by questions about the children, or rather, about the lack of them. Don’t even think about answering that you are not ready yet, you want to live for yourself or travel for a while – they won’t understand anyway.

4. How much is it?

Shopping is another awkward topic. A person who is curious about the price-tag on your things doesn’t always want to embarrass you. But it sure seems that your financial well-being is being estimated by purchases you can afford.

5. Is it forever?

You can become an object of such questions when you get a tattoo, piercing, dreadlocks or something like that. These words already convey disapproval of your decisions. Few people would want to dignify that with an answer.

Have you had awkward situations because of tactless questions? What do you usually answer? Tell us in the comments!

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