Agile Makeup Artist Beautifully Transforms Brides, Making Their Grooms Fall In Love With Them Even Harder


March 11, 2019 17:44 By Fabiosa

The wedding is one of the most joyous and exciting events in women’s lives. They want everything to be impeccable on this day.

Probably every girl wants to look superb at the wedding to amaze not only the guests but also the groom with her beauty. That is why brides pay so much importance to their makeup and hairstyle.

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Makeup artist Arber Bytyqi knows how to emphasize woman’s dignity and provide her with a stunning wedding image.

The master regularly shares photos with bright transformations of brides before and after applying makeup.

Today, more than 278,000 people have subscribed to Arber’s account, and the number is ever growing. Girls eagerly draw inspiration and ideas from his works, and for good reason.

The makeup artist tries not to forget that each bride has her own style and personality. Some prefer naturalness, some opt for glamor, and others – an alternative wedding image.

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I got interested in makeup when I was just a child. The first drawings that I did were of eyes, girls or dresses. I used to take my mom’s make-up and play with it when I was only five years old, so I knew that I’ll become a makeup artist pretty early.

Arber said that together with his team, he transforms more than 1,000 brides a year.

The makeup artist encourages girls not to be afraid to experiment with colors and shapes, because at the end of the day you merely have to wash it off, and in the morning you can already try on a new image.

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