After Surviving An Amputation And End-Stage Cancer, She Walked The Runway. The Girl Who Never Gives Up


March 12, 2019 17:16 By Fabiosa

There are people who give up and turn away from their goal after facing the slightest obstacles. Others don’t stop even when their very survival is at stake. The following story is about one of the latter.

Maria Kireeva from Russia, a former trampoline champion, had been treating her swollen leg for some time. Three years ago, when the medicines no longer helped, the girl was examined and had a tomography. The diagnosis was devastating – end-stage Ewing's sarcoma (a malignant tumor affecting the bones).

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Unfortunately, in her case, the only option was amputation. However, Maria didn’t lose hope. The very next day after the surgery, the girl got up on crutches and hobbled along the hospital hallways.

It was hard for Kireeva to get used to her first, wooden prosthesis. Many times she fell down and even smashed her hands until they bled. In the meantime, chemotherapy did its part and put Maria’s cancer in remission.

Now the girl is wearing a modern bionic prosthesis and not embarrassed of it at all. Maria doesn’t refuse to wear shorts, short skirts, and swimsuits.

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Not so long ago, Maria took part in a fashion show as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. Walking down the runway was her dream since childhood, which she managed to fulfill only after having lost her leg and defeated a deadly disease.

The young athlete is not the only woman who did not let an amputation put an end to her life. Earlier we wrote about 29-year-old Tessa Snyder. The model, blogger, and mother of two is not afraid to wear a bathing suit in public and catwalks either.

Kireeva is sure that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nothing should undermine your faith in yourself and make you doubt your attractiveness or ability to succeed. And we couldn't agree more!

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