Your Lucky Charm: A Dog Breed For Each Zodiac Sign

November 7, 2018 08:37

A dog is man's best friend! And, as it turns out, a totem animal. Find your zodiac sign in the list and read which four-legged friend can be your talisman!

Aries - Scottish terrier

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This wise little dog surprisingly has cast-iron willpower and incredible courage. And one can only envy the amount of dignity that fits in one Scottie! They understand the difference between praise and criticism well, so you should choose words very carefully when talking to them.

Taurus - Dalmatian

Sociable and friendly, these dogs are always looking for a way to release their abundant energy. They are bored of sitting in one place, so they eagerly join in on hikes and you just try and stop them from playing with the kids! But the spotted beauties are still rather stubborn, so to get what you want from them, you need to show your character once in a while!

Gemini - Pug

They are always cheerful and get on well with others. Ready for an active game, but also love a delicious meal. Pugs are affectionate and enjoy others’ attention. They can even be jealous! Funny and restless, these dogs still prefer taking a sweet nap after getting a sufficient amount of emotional charge!

Cancer - Cocker spaniel

Very optimistic dogs and always ready for adventure! They are happy to join you for a walk in the park or outside the city. They are so amiable, that they are ready to communicate with other animals, even with cats! Nevertheless, the cocker spaniel is very attached to the family and each member. A long separation from relatives is very difficult for them.

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Leo - Shih Tzu

These little arrogant pups prefer to be in the center of attention, they love to sit on laps and bask in compliments! At the same time, they are very playful, sociable, and trusting. But be sure not to hurt their feelings! Shih Tzu are dogs with a very high sense of self-worth, and it will take you forever to apologize for an unflattering word.

Virgo – Shar-Pei

Shar-Peis are always ready to learn something new! But the nature of these dogs is very independent, and it takes some effort to win their respect. Shar-Peis know what they are worth, but are still friendly to strangers and loyal to those who have deserved their favor.

Libra - German shepherd

Bold and resolute – the action movies with these dogs are not lying. A faithful and devoted friend to rely on in any situation. But you shouldn’t leave a Shepherd alone for a long time; despite their stern appearance, they still long for warm communication!

Scorpio – Pitbull

In a family circle, a pitbull is a great companion, loyal and devoted to its friends and family. Once you get to know an American pittie better, you will find them irresistible!

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Sagittarius - Dachshund

This agile and active little dog is never tired of getting in all sorts of trouble! They seize every opportunity and need to get involved in everything happening around them. Yes, Dachshunds are difficult to train, but it is their charisma and individuality that stands in the way of obeying commands. However, Daxies are so adorable that you will forgive them almost everything!

Capricorn - Rottweiler

These dogs don’t lie around all day long; they are always up to something. They are constantly looking for ways to release their gushing energy. Tough and brave, they will do anything to protect their loved ones! Not particularly fond of strangers, though. All a Rottie needs is a few family members whom they can trust!

Aquarius - Golden retriever

It is unlikely that you will find a kinder dog. Retrievers would rather make friends with a stranger than bark at them. But it doesn’t make them stupid or reckless – their high intelligence allows them to learn anything. What these dogs can’t take is evil in any form!

Pisces - Collie

Collies are great companions. Not only are they capable of learning, but also know how to listen. Affectionate, kind, and able to read any situation – a perfect dog for a family with children. But they also need care; without proper attention, a collie may surprise you with wayward character!

We would really love to know if you like the breed we chose for you. Let us know in the comments!

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