Calmness Or Anxiety? The Meaning Behind Your Favorite Sleep Position

October 30, 2018 10:59

Sleep is an important part of every human life. It is no secret that for a good and productive day, you need to have between 6 and 9 hours of good sleep (depending on the characteristics of your body). Just as it takes a different amount of time for each person to fall asleep, everybody has their own most comfortable position. Does it say anything about a person? It turns out that your favorite sleeping position is not just a matter of convenience. Psychiatrist Samuel Dunkell wrote a book, entitled Sleep Positions: The Night Language of the Body, which explores the psychological aspect of sleep positions.

1. Full-fetal

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A person is not ready to face the realities of life and assume all responsibility. They are afraid to make the best of good times and face difficulties. As a rule, such people prefer to have a supportive person around who will back them up in unforeseen situations.

2. Freefall

People who sleep in this position don’t enjoy surprises. They always try to think everything through to avoid unforeseen events. They are punctual, they worry when someone else is late, and like to keep everything under control.

3. Royal

These are open people who eagerly accept everything that life presents them, but are also willing givers. Such people feel comfortable, calm, and confident. They are not afraid to face realities, so they are open even in their sleep.

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4. Semi-fetal

People who choose this position are usually balanced and reliable. They are able to adapt to different circumstances without stressing out too much. This position indicates the presence of common sense in everything these people undertake.

5. Mummy

This position signals a problem because the sleeper hides from reality. People who prefer this position like to stay away; they are comfortable alone with their daily rituals.

6. Ostrich

A very rare position, which is more common in children, but still preferred by some adults. Generally, it is used by those who have trouble sleeping. Such people want to get it over with as quickly as possible in order to return to their daily routine.

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7. Monkey

If this position is not a mere transition from one position to another, but a habitual way of sleeping every night, then it is fairly controversial. It is typical for a person plagued by doubts. They try to be open, but constantly have to deal with some kind of internal block.

Keep in mind that although every position has a psychological aspect, your favored way of sleeping is largely dependent on convenience. However, if despite waking up every morning with pain in your limbs, you continue to sleep in a particular position, then you should definitely pay attention to Dr. Dunkell’s ideas.

Did you find yourself in these descriptions? What position do you prefer? Tell us in the comments.

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