Family Horoscope: How To Tell That Your Partner Is Upset With Something Knowing Their Zodiac Sign

October 29, 2018 19:29

Astrologers claim that our reaction to negative situations and other external stimuli is determined not only by our character, but also by the position of the stars at the moment of our birth.

This horoscope will be very useful for all family people! Knowing your partner's zodiac sign, you will be able to timely understand if they are unhappy in your relationship.


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When people of this sign are discontent, they start to clam up. If your Aries partner has recently become dull and is trying to avoid sex, then you’d better immediately ask what upsets them in your relationship.


When a representative of this sign is upset about something, they stop eating well. If your Taurus begins to turn down good meals and ceases to enjoy life in all its manifestations, then they are likely to be unhappy with something in your relationship.


In the case of Gemini, you’ll know it’s bad when they stop talking to you. Perhaps their inner turmoil is not connected with your relationship, but you can’t be sure unless you ask!


When this loving and caring sign is unhappy, they stop pampering you. For example, they no longer bring you coffee in bed or refuse to cook dinner together as before. If this is the case, maybe it's time to talk?

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If one day your partner prefers to stay at home instead of going with you to yet another party, there is a reason to be concerned. Of course, this behavior can indicate that your Leo is having problems in other spheres of life, but it is still worth to ask!


If a representative of this sign is dissatisfied with something in your relationship, then you will immediately notice it when they start criticizing you like never before. Whatever you do, it will not be good enough for your Virgo!

So, if your usually supportive partner suddenly starts picking on you for every little thing, then you should think about your behavior.

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Even being deeply unhappy, people of this sign continue to smile! However, you may notice that the partner has cut down on your communication. It's time to lend a helping hand!


When a representative of this zodiac sign is dissatisfied with something, they begin to reproach their partner. Therefore, if your Scorpio suddenly became aggressive or irritable, it’s high time you two had a heart-to-heart to fix the problem together.


If your partner, born under this sign, stops joking, then this is a clear sign that there is something about your relationship that they would like to change. Also, problems in their personal life can be indicated by overwhelming pessimism, which is completely uncharacteristic of Sagittariuses.


When your Capricorn partner is unhappy, they stop letting you in their comfort zone: they almost don’t invite you anywhere, rarely call or text. If so, then you should definitely ask them what happened. And the sooner, the better!


When unhappy in personal life, Aquariuses begins to retreat into themselves. You can easily tell that your partner is unhappy with something if they start to avoid communicating with friends.


When people of this sign are discontent with their relationships, they begin to pay close attention to their health and do something that 'makes them feel better.’ For example, you may notice that your partner began to sleep much more or got seriously into working out all of a sudden.

We want to remind you that many people, unfortunately, don’t get obvious hints, let alone reading your mind! Therefore, if you suspect a problem in your relationship, then sit down and talk it out. You will be surprised how many issues can be solved in such a simple way!

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