Mind-Teaser: How Can Peter Escape With Just A Single Day To Spare?

June 4, 2019 17:21

Do you like solving different puzzles? We hope that's a yes because they are great exercise for your brain. They help it to not decay and to improve your memory. They are fun to solve alone and in company of friends. It is even more interesting to guess the answer yourself and offer a riddle to others afterward. How quickly can they guess it?

Juri Pozzi /

Today, we want to offer you to solve another logic puzzle. We are sure both adults and children will like it.

Let's start!

TierneyMJ /

Look at the picture. Here's the task:

Peter is trapped in a dungeon and he has only a day to get out of there.

All that he has is just a small window high on the wall and a shovel. Remember, he won’t have enough time to dig a tunnel in a day.

How can he quickly get out of the entrapment?

Take your time and think hard.

Did you finally get it? Of course, Peter has no stepladder to reach the window, but he has a shovel! He needs to lump up the ground in one pile to form a sort of a hill. It will help him climb up to the window and escape!

Tell us how quickly you found the solution. And your friends? It's likely that kids with non-standard thinking will find the solution much faster.