Bye-Bye Acne! A Top Model Told How She Got Rid Of It In Just A Few Months By Changing Her Diet

February 27, 2019 12:15

It is a mistake to believe that acne only affects teenagers. Today, many 30-year-old women and men suffer from this condition. But while the former are able to hide the problem under makeup, the latter have to find other ways of dealing with it. In our earlier articles, you can read everything about acne on the face and back, which health problems acne on the face can indicate, as well as the reasons why people like to pop pimples so much.

Nowadays, increasingly more young people are adopting the philosophy of body positivity. They don’t let some ‘imperfections’ of their appearance affect their quality of life. Australian model Georgia Gibbs has taken part in many beauty contests, such as Miss Universe Australia 2014, and is currently one of the faces of Sports Illustrated. Georgia is successful, young, and beautiful. What could she possibly know about problems faced by those suffering from acne?

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In fact, she had an exhausting struggle with acne herself. She thought it was caused by stress and fatigue. Perfect on the cover of glossy magazines, she still wasn’t confident in herself. Eventually, Georgia found a way to solve the problem and was more than happy to share it with her subscribers.

The girl has revised her lifestyle – she started doing yoga. Changing her diet was another step towards beautiful and clean skin. Now, the food that makes up most of the model’s menu is greens, fresh or grilled vegetables, and mangoes; plus some proteins and healthy fats from nuts or pumpkin seeds. Gibbs refrained from porridges, caffeine, sugar, fructose, and preservatives. Having made her nutrition healthier, Georgia still indulges herself in small weaknesses. Sometimes the girl treats herself to a piece of dark chocolate.

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Georgia Gibbs remembers that the acne set in fast: just in one month the skin on her face became covered in pimples. She spent a lot of money to fight it, but never achieved the desired effect, getting more and more embarrassed about her appearance. However, three months of a healthy and balanced diet helped the model to get rid of severe acne and also significantly improved her mental health.

Each person is individual and there is no panacea against acne that works for everyone. However, Georgia’s example has shown us that even expensive medicine doesn’t always help as much as a responsible attitude towards one’s own body. Maybe you have your own proven ways to get rid of acne? Please share them with us!

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